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    Saimo Electric Co.,Ltd(Stock code 300466)was founded in 1996,It is in the industry leading position of the bulk material measurement, testing products, robot automation products, powder factory intelligent application systems and other fields,provide intelligent detection products and control system for electric power, port, chemical, feed, metallurgy, building materials, coal and other bulk materials industry production process.

    Saimo successfully listed on the Shenzhen stock market A in 2015.In 2016 saimo restructuring success with Nanjing 3A industrial Limited by Share Ltd,Wuhan Bosheng Information Technology Co., Ltd and Hefei Eagle Automation Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.To provide system solutions for the intelligent management of raw materials and bulk material intelligent chemical plant for the bulk material industry.It is the industry pioneer and leading enterprise.The company has Jiangsu province automatic weighing instrument engineering technology research center of Jiangsu province and the dynamic weighing engineering technology research center two provincial research center.the world's leading integrated test center for bulk materials is located in Xuzhou and Nanjing.

    The bulk measurement field of Saimo has the world's leading dynamic weighing technology, the main products include high precision electronic belt scale£¬weighing coal feeder, weighing feeder products.Core technologies include belt scale High precision dimension stabilization technology based on position difference theory £¬ Material stacking self calibration technique £¬ Three groups of cumulative quantity detection and automatic recognition technology £¬ Belt scale weighing technology of free floating balance structure £¬Comprehensive strength has reached the international advanced level.Is the national standard electronic drafter of electronic belt scale. SA/ICS-ZL array type belt scale and floating scale stability belt scale has been developed.Its accuracy is higher than that of international organization of legal metrology(OIML) and the highest level of China's national standards,Accuracy index can be maintained for a long time stable 0.2%,Has reached the level of trade and business, to fill the bulk material’s high accuracy measurement scales blank in international and domestic

    Saimo factory intelligent application system includes intelligent management system of the bulk raw fuel industry entry, automatic batching system, automatic packaging systems and robot palletizing system,provide a comprehensive solution for the material industry to achieve intelligent plant.Company provides automated products includes industrial handling robot, quantitative packaging machine, large bag packaging machine, vertical packaging machine, multi head combination scale, weight inspection scales and metal detectors and other products.

    Saimo integrated the internal and external resources to meet the needs of the intelligent material factory after the listing,using robot technology, software and information technology to promote the rapid development of the company to the bulk material industry intelligent batching, automated packaging, intelligent logistics, intelligent networking and intelligent management information and other intelligent field.

    Saimo first engaged in automatic sampling equipment design In the field of bulk material detection¡¢manufacturing enterprises,first to launch the automatic sample preparation system, information management system for coal sample, robot automatic analysis system in the domestic;The operation quality of Saimo intelligent sampling and real-time monitoring system of the sampling system, realizes the automatic sampling system setting, online detection, automatic control, to ensure the precision of the sampling system of long-term operation.


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