Saimo robot sample preparation system is listed in Jiangsu province high-end equipment promotion new technology

The Jiangsu Provincial New Joint Office issued the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the New Technology and New Product Catalogue of the Province (18th Batch) and the List of Effective New Technologies and New Products in the Announcement Catalogue" [2018] No. 3, Saimo Electric Robot Automatic The sample preparation system was selected into the catalogue of new technology and new products (referred to as “two new”) for the promotion and application of high-end equipment manufacturing in Jiangsu Province (certificate No.: 201803017).
Introduction of robot automatic sample preparation system
The robot automatic sample preparation system is mainly for the laboratory automatic preparation of coal raw coal sample samples, using the robot simulation experimenter sample preparation process and sample preparation action to carry out the automatic and orderly preparation of coal samples, and real-time monitoring of the sample preparation process. The sample information data is transmitted in real time, which realizes the whole process automation, informationization and sample safety traceability of coal sample preparation; it can be widely used in coal production, transportation, and consumer enterprises such as coal mine, port, thermal power generation, metallurgy, chemical industry and cement. .
Current status of domestic and foreign coal samples preparation.
At present, most of the domestic and foreign coal sample preparation processes are manually sampled by single machine equipment, which has low efficiency, high strength and large dust, which seriously affects the physical and mental health of workers. There are human factors interference, errors and individual cheating behaviors. Big. A small number of single-machine equipment is combined into a joint sample machine, which occupies a large area and has complicated processes. It lacks monitoring of the process and results. It can only be sampled according to a fixed process, and equipment failure or sample failure is likely to occur during the sample preparation process. The original coal samples and samples are invalidated and cannot be traced, which affects trade settlement and causes huge losses to users.
Technological innovation points, breakthrough points:
The "automatic automatic sample preparation system" independently developed by Saimo Electric has passed the technical appraisal of scientific and technological achievements, and the appraisal committee believes that the technical level of this product has reached the "international advanced level".
Flexibility - flexible sample preparation
Flexible sample preparation process
Built-in multiple sample preparation schemes (preparation process, drying time, reduction ratio) automatically adjust according to sample parameters.
Sample plan remote setting
The system automatically selects the sample preparation plan.
Increase system flexibility
Built-in mixing device to ensure representative sample
Intelligence - using a constant mass reducer
The cutter opening and rotation speed of the reducer are adjustable, and the reduction ratio and automatic adjustment are automatically calculated according to the weight of the sample to ensure the constant quality of the retained sample and meet the relevant requirements of national standards.
The flow rate of the reducer is automatically adjusted, the feeding is uniform, and the representative sample is reduced.
The reducer is multi-purpose, and the different particle size (link) samples are automatically adapted.



Credibility - anti-cross-contamination in the sample preparation process
Washing the sample and washing the sample before and after grinding
The sample container is automatically cleaned with gas and a cleaning device
Pipeline and sample preparation equipment are automatically cleaned with compressed air
There are few sample preparation steps, the sample contact area is small, and the probability of cross contamination is greatly reduced.
The reducer is automatically adjusted and reused, and the same sample is used in the same step.
Visibility - automatic monitoring of system residual rate
All parts of the injection, sample retention, and discarded samples are weighed
The residual rate is automatically calculated, and the residual amount exceeds the standard automatic alarm.


Functional diversity - built-in full moisture online analysis module (optional)
Online full moisture analysis function, the results are automatically uploaded, the data does not fall
Ensure that the sample is sufficiently representative to meet the precision requirements


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