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    Nanjing Sanai Industrial Automation Co. Ltd is a Chinese company specialized in weighing control and automation for industrial operations. Since its foundation in 1992, Nanjing Sanai has established itself as a leader in design, manufacture and implementation of weighing and control solutions in the Chinese market. Our client portfolio contains some of the world’s largest organizations in areas such as metallurgy, mining, thermal power, port operation, cement and chemical industries.

    Here in Nanjing Sanai, we believe our strength lies in our commitment to technological innovation, accumulation of technical experience, and a relentless pursuit of accuracy and reliability. We strive to build high quality instruments that satisfy our customers’ demand in precision measurement.

    Our belt weighing instruments - the SA-600, the A3 and the Z-600 are the results of significant investment in R&D, and time and energy from our team of researchers and technicians. Our NSM Belt Weigher Test Centre is the most sophisticated belt weigher testing facility in the world. It is capable of replicating wide-ranging variables from industrial sites in the controlled, measureable environment of the laboratory.

    Hefei eagle automation engineering technology co., LTD., founded in 2004, is domestic specialized is engaged in the pallet handling industrial robots, automated packaging machinery research and development, production, sales and service as one of the high-tech enterprises.

    The company is located in China's science and education city hefei national hightech development zone, the existing staff more than 220 people, including technology, research and development personnel more than 60 people. Company research and development institutions brought together a group of tsinghua, USTC, such as domestic GeGongDa key university graduate talent, professional cover automation technology, electronic technology, mechanical design, and other fields, the formation of a strong development capability of high-quality talent team.

    Company and the China university of science and technology, intelligent machinery research institute, Chinese academy of sciences, hefei and other top domestic automation research colleges and universities and research institutes to form the "industryuniversityinstitute" cooperation, attracted a large number of experts and scholars and scientific and technological personnel, for the company's technology development provides a powerful intellectual support. Successfully developed full automatic, semi-automatic, automatic logistics after packaging machine and packaging engineering of a new generation of pallet handling industrial robots and form a complete set of automated assembly line products, their packaging and palletizing ability and various technical indexes in the domestic leading level. In the chemical industry, building materials, fodder, food, beverages, beer, automatic logistics and other industries has been widely used.


    WuHan Bossien Information Technology Co.,Ltd mainly engaged in intelligent fuel,operation value optimization of power generation enterprisesthe overall solution of power production management system which is a professional power information system integration provider.And it is a highly innovative company identified by the Ministry of industry and information technology.At present, there are 26 products of software copyright registration certificate,computer system with integrated tertiary qualification,security engineering secondary qualification enterprise,and it through the international ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system standard certification.

    Bossien mainly engaged in realizing the automation and informatization of the whole process management of the fuel in the thermal power plant,Seamless management link,automatic management data generation,network transmission,real-time monitoring of the entire work,improving the fuel management efficiency and fuel management level.

    Bossein is a highly innovative company,after years of accumulation and development,formed a number of first in the industry.The first set of power generation enterprise day profit system(2012);The first set of power generation enterprise fuel control system(2013);The first set of power generation enterprise coal-fired real time cost system(2014);The first book in the industry of the implementation and the concrete application of the intelligent management of fuel in thermal power enterprise‘Fuel intelligent management for thermal power enterprises’(2014).Bossien forms a good reputation and brand in the industry and there are nearly one hundred achievement in the major power group fuel intelligent related systems.

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