Saimo Electric subsidiary 3A company is the first one to obtain the 0.2 level belt scale measurement permit in domestic.

   The array type belt weigher which invented by Saimo electric,Nanjing 3A industrial Co.,Ltd Obtained the electronic belt scale measuring 0.2 license issued by jiangsu province bureau of quality and technical supervision.Is the first company and the only one to get 0.2 level electronic belt scale measurement license.

Array type belt weigher is a new belt weigher which developed by Saimo 3 A Company that according to the latest weighing error theory "Internal force theory" and the "Belt effect theory" ,and it obtained national invention patents.(Invention patent certificate No.200710025317.0) The invention breaks the shackles of the error theory of the traditional belt scale,and it Uses the new design concept,new product structure and computer software technology to make the belt scale weighing accuracy and Long-term stability has been substantially improved.The invention breaks the deadlock over the world over the last more than and 20 years in a belt weighing technology, and has reached the world's leading technology level.

0.2 level belt scale authentication certificate

Array type belt scale has three prominent characteristics:

1After installation and adjustment, general no longer pull roller adjustment,3 months within the accuracy of the general can be less than 0.2%.

2For several years, it is not necessary to adjust the roller, only appropriate to adjust the weighing coefficient, that can maintain long-term durability index

3The array type belt weigher of Saimo 3A Company won the world first OIML 0.2 Belt Scale Certificate,China's first 0.2 electronic belt scale manufacturing license.

High-accuracy belt scale application field

The array type belt scale which is researched by Saimo and it’s subsidiary 3A,And after three years of nearly ten thousand times of repeated tests, officially put into the market of high-tech patent products in 2009.The products put on the market a few years have been widely used in metallurgy, electricity, ports, chemical industry, mining industry,products all over the country.After nearly a thousand users of the application of practice,the array type belt scale with its superior performance to the user's consistent high praise.

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