Belt integrator FH-10/FH-01(6001/6001B)

Product Description

 Saimo feeder controller has two types of FH-10 and FH-01(old model 6001 and 6000B )type, Respectively, said the big screen and small screen, 6 handle the load cell weight signal and the belt speed signal to calculate the flow of materials and the cumulative amount of flow shown in the instrument . While providing remote pulse count output and flow current signal output. The communication board can communicate with the host computer using RS-232 or RS-485 interface.

The instrument interface is intuitive and easy to use. And has a variety of automatic detection function, user calibration and maintenance.

Environmental parameters

1, Indoor / outdoor installation location should be close to the load cell, pay attention to dust, moisture.

2, storage temperature -40 íŠ - +70 íŠ

3, the operating temperature -10 íŠ - +50 íŠ

4, the maximum relative humidity: 95%

power supply

1,220 VAC ± 10% 50 Hz

2, the fuse 0.5A

3, EMI / RFI filter

Weighing sensors

1, the instrument provides 10VDC ± 10%, 200mA excitation power can be connected in parallel 4 load cell

2, sensitivity, 0.5mV / V-3.5mV / V

3, the maximum 3mV input signal 3

4, load cell shielding ground

5, the cable distance greater than 60 meters (not more than 900 meters), the use of excitation compensation circuit

6, jumper select local or remote compensation

Motherboard digital input port

Instrument board provides three programmable input ports, receiving dry contact switch signal.

Motherboard digital output port

Instrument board provides three programmable output port, transistor on-off signal.

Communication board

Instrument can be installed communication board, you can use the standard RS-232, RS-485 serial interface to communicate with the host computer, instrument data acquisition and operation of the instrument.

The screen size

FH-10 (6001) for the big screen, FH-01 (6001B) for the small screen


FH-10-6000P (6001P), FH-01-6000P (6001BP) Panel Mount (Mosaic)

FH-10-6000F (6001F), FH-01-6000F (6001BF) On-site installation (wall-mounted)

Technical Specifications
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