Weighing controllers FH-05/FH-02 (6105/6105B)

Product Description

 Saimo feeder controller has two types of FH-05 and FH-02 (old model 6105 and 6105B) type. FH-05 (6105) is based on 32-bit microprocessor control, the display uses 320X240 dot matrix LCD large screen display. FH-02 (6105B) is based on CPU with 8-bit microprocessor, 128X64 dot matrix display with liquid crystal display.

Weighing feeder control?

Main features and features:

Digital Instrumentation: provide accurate, drift-free performance; 
automatic zero adjustment: through a simple operation, the instrument will automatically calculate and establish a new zero: 
Automatic calibration: to provide users hang code calibration chain code calibration, electronic calibration and a variety of physical calibration automatic calibration mode; 
zero tracking: the system can automatically zero tracking; 
programmable features: programmable Instrumentation input and output ports to meet the requirements of different users; 
filter choices: filter time is adjustable; 
zero dead zone: eliminate the dead zone by setting zero interference small flow; 
speed input options: choose both internal and external speed input; 
enter password: protection parameters to prevent human modification; 
fault self-diagnosis: can Multi-channel load cell failure to self-diagnosis

Instrument parameters:

Panel Mount: Dimensions: 299 x 154 x 203mm 
Opening size: 142 X 287mm 
Operating temperature: -10 ~ 50  
Storage Temperature: -40-701C 
power supply: 220VAC, 50Hz 
digital signal input / output: 
Three-way programmable digital input the instrument accepts input from a variety of switching equipment; 
four programmable digital output (relay, passive contact) signal is used to provide a variety of information or trigger a variety of auxiliary equipment; 
speed input: single speed pulse input from the speed sensor: 
analog input / output: 
Input: load cell millivolt signal; 
Output: one for standard 0-20mA or 4-20mA current output flow; 
control: way PID regulator control output; 
communication: optional RS232 or RS485 communication interface, PROFIBUS fieldbus interface (for increased input / output interfaces and other communication, please contact with the factory.).

Technical Specifications
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