Circulation chain code controller FH-08(6008B)

Product Description


Field-mount: Dimensions: 312 x 380 x 150 mm 
Mounting hole dimensions: 240 x 450 mm 
Panel mount: the opening size: 140 x 284 mm 
Dimensions: 288 x 144 x 185 mm (depth) 
Power : 220VAC, 50HZ 
precision / non-linear: the weight of the load from 0% to 105% of full load, the error is less than% 0.02 
digital signal input / output: 
three-way programmable digital input the instrument accepts a variety of devices from opening Differential input. 
Four programmable digital output signals are used to provide a variety of information or trigger a variety of auxiliary equipment. 
Communication: RS232 or RS485 communication interface 
Operating temperature: -10 to 50  
Storage temperature: -40 deg.] C to 70 
Status Indicator: zero, span, alarm, batch weighing, five preparatory work status indicator 
Memory: Non-volatile RAM with built-in lithium battery. 
Electronic circuit: 8-bit main processor, 16-bit analog-digital processor, to prevent the system crash watchdog circuit. 
Shipping Weight: field-mount: 13 kg Panel Mount: 8 kg 
Analog Input / Output: 
Input: millivolt signal for the sensor. 
Output: Standard 0-20mA or 4-20mA current output for flow

Technical Specifications
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