Upper feed type weighing feeder

Product Description

    Weighing feeder is designed for the feeding of various bulk materials. It is used for dynamic weighing, accumulating and flow control in the process of feeding. It is widely used in chemical, metallurgy, building materials, food and other industries. Bulk material weighing feed. Over the years due to weighing feeder difficult to carry out on-line real-time calibration, resulting in low precision measurement process, a serious impact on the accuracy of the feed ratio to the production losses.

    Saimo weighing feeder in light load, medium load, heavy load three different forms, weighing flow from 50 kg per hour to 1,200 tons per hour, belt width from 300 mm to 2000 mm, length from 1 meter to Tens of meters, the structure of sub-open, semi-enclosed and fully enclosed a variety of structures, adapted to different sites to meet the needs of various users.

    Saimo feeder and electrical control, together with the computer can be composed of Saimo batching control system. The system has data acquisition, control, alarm, graphics and data display and other functions. According to set requirements to complete the control of the ratio of materials and production process into a variety of data management.

    Calibrating technology of static and dynamic code materials  


    The technology is based on the weighing feeder as a whole by the four load cell support, through the upper feeder to the form of pre-feeder, using the static weight calibration as the basis for weighing the value of the material with its dynamic weighing value of its range calibration correction Coefficient, to achieve physical calibration.

Technical Specifications
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