Upper feed type weighing coal feeder

Product Description

    Weighing conveyor through electric drum drive, is supported by four hanging weighing sensor for measuring, when loosen the weighing sensor hanging support, using weighing conveyor two side is equipped with wheel can be convenient to weighing conveyor, backward and forward and convenient maintenance.

    Activity code material calibration technology

    The technology is based on weighing coal feeder is supported by four weighing sensor, through the upper coal feeder to form coal, adopts the principle of static calibration weights as a benchmark to weigh weight value and its dynamic said value than fix the scale calibration coefficient, realize the real coal calibration.

    Working principle:

    The first step that the coal feeder and weighing coal feeder stop at the same time, the static weight calibration weighing coal feeder

    The second step: pre coal feeder and weighing coal feeder switch on at the same time, the coal feeder to coal, coal flow length is less than weighing coal feeder, dynamic weighing is displayed coal quantity

    Step 3: coal feeder down first, the second step is to obtain the display of the coal all on weighing coal feeder after weighing coal feeder stop, static weighing value of standard coal

   The fourth step: will the second step is to get the display of the coal quantity and the third step of standard coal quantity than amend the deviation, obtain a new scale calibration coefficient.

    In order to improve the coal feeder weighing precision, in normal operation of coal can be set a time automatically insert the above four steps to zero, the range, solid coal online calibration.

    On-line automatic calibration, complete solid coal, does not affect to the coal run;

   According to preset time in running in the automatic weighing zero point, improve the measurement accuracy;

    Farmar levelers, automatic control, calibration is simple, convenient;

, using the 3 meter technology, a weighing sensor fault occurs, the measurement is not affected;

Beforehand for coal conveyor, weighing conveyor overall structure design, easy to move out of the shell, easy maintenance.

Boiling coal, accurate measurement, provide reliable data for generator operation analysis and management,

Helps to reduce the coal consumption, improve market competitiveness;

Technical Specifications
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