ICS-FH-4 belt scale

Product Description

     FH-4 four-roller belt scale

    It is composed of two sets of double-roller floating scale weighing bridges. It adopts a free floating balance structure, which breaks through the traditional design concept, has no infinite bit structure, and has less force transmission links. It is accurate and reliable in Good Long-in and Measurement Term Stability. Double the Load the Cell Support AT both ends, Anti-Eccentric the Load Capacity, High Stability at The Overall. the Simple Structure, Easy Installation, IS ON-Site Construction's Shorter period.

    Four Roller Belt-4 FH Belt Dynamic cumulative error of ± 0.125-0.25%, Suitable for demanding A Variety of High Accuracy Weighing Occasions. ESPECIALLY for MAGAZINE Blending of Thermal Power Generation, Examination and Calculation of consumption Calculation MAGAZINE, the BETWEEN at The Internal Metering at The Iron and steel plant, coal washing industry, such as the settlement of occasions.

Technical Specifications
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