Z-600 for Train/Ship Loaders

Product Description





The Z-600 is a belt weighing system designed for load weighing on train, ship and vehicle loaders. It utilizes the SA-600 technology to achieve precise and stable loading control to ensure the exact delivery  of material for each and every batch. The A3 can be fully integrated into clients’ PLC control system  thanks to Nanjing Sanai’s extensive knowledge in the field of industrial automation.



Advantages of the Z-600 system:


Advance SA-600 technology specially adapted to handle belt tension variations caused by extendable conveyor belt platforms


Compact structure to accommodate shorten conveyor belt


Powerful electronic units that seamlessly integrated into clients’ PLC control system.


Minimize instance of over-loading or under-loading

 The Z-600 is used in areas such as:




Bulk product transportation center


Shipping transfer hubs


Organisations currently using the SA-600 Belt Weighing System include:


China CNR Corporation


Port of Lianyungang


Shenhua Group


   Belt width    500-2000mm    Comm interface    RS-485RS-232ethernet
   Belt speed    1-5m/s    Number of units    3 - 8
  Accuracy in use    ≤1%3units≤0.7%4units    Comm protocol

  Standard MODBUS







Technical Specifications


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