Product Description

 1 Overview

For the continuous delivery of powder, ball materials, tablets, granular materials and various fibers. Because of its almost no maintenance, than other forms of feeder to adapt to the industrial environment and process conditions to meet the higher requirements, the use of more and more widely.

The structure is characterized in that the weighing hopper and the adjustable discharge device installed under it are located on the weighing sensor fixedly connected with the frame.

2, the main features and parameters

feeding accurate, the accuracy is better than ± 0.2% to ± 0.5%;

Feed stability and stability better than 0.5%;

practical, feeding rate of 0.05 ~ 100 000 kg / h;

reliable performance, almost no maintenance, especially for harsh industrial conditions;

calibration is simple;

compact structure, small footprint, can reduce the cost of civil construction;

closed conveyor, to prevent dust flying, environmental pollution.

3 equipment components

Pneumatic butterfly valve, weighing hopper, the material device, load cell, 6104B controller, drive systems, electrical control systems.

4 working principle

Through the static balance weighing a complete feeding system (hopper with stroke-controlled electric gate and bulk materials)

And through variable speed motor control of bulk material discharge flow.

The material was removed from the system by means of a screw feeder, and the "loss" measured per unit time (dv / dt)

The difference between the actual (measured) flow rate and the desired (preset) flow rate will be sent to the feeder controller for corrective action. The controller automatically switches between the desired (preset) The feed rate is adjusted so that the exact feed rate is maintained without process hysteresis.

When the weight measured in the hopper reaches the low level of the hopper (refill), the controller controls the feed system by the volume feed, then opens the electric gate, quickly reloads the hopper, reaches the hopper high level, closes Electric gate, weightlessness controller to re-action.

Technical Specifications
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