Product Description


The D12 Punchplate Flowmeter is designed to measure mass flow and total accumulation of free-falling bulk material, providing a cost-effective, high-precision measurement method for the measurement of dry solid particle mass flow to guide inventory management and reduce waste Improve product quality to increase efficiency.

D12-type plate flow meter dedicated to the case without interrupting the flow of material in the mechanical transmission system for continuous weighing, can not be used in the installation or can not be used weighing feeder, belt scales, and the emergence of vertical material Ideal for weighing equipment under flow conditions.

The D12 can be mounted on a variety of conveyor blanking points, including screw conveyors, vibratory feeders, belt conveyors, scraper feeders, star feeders, Including: fertilizer, cement, coal, ore, sand, plastic particles, grains and candy.

Principle and structure

The weight of the material is transferred to the load cell through the detection board, the load cell is converted into the voltage signal and transmitted to the totalizer through the wire. The integrator is responsible for calculating and displaying the material Conveying the flow of various values.

The complete system includes: load cells, inspection boards, chutes, boxes and integrators. The detection board and chute, the cabinet has a variety of sizes, thus eliminating the sensor and the different delivery system to match the problem, the detection plate is the only system in contact with the material part of the flow of different delivery systems, choose the appropriate Of the test board size and sensor range to adapt.

Technical parameters and performance

1. Weighing accuracy: ± 1% (with the correction of positions and pre-feeding device)

2. Operating temperature range: -20 ~ 70 íŠ

3. Allow the material temperature: <100 íŠ

4. Power supply: 220V AC 50Hz

5. Flow range: 2.5 ~ 800t / h (bulk density of 1.0t / m³)

Technical Specifications
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