Cycling Chain Weights

Product Description

     Electronic belt is an industrial dynamic continuous measuring instruments, in addition to the use of precision scales and frame structure, installation conditions and the accuracy of each of the components related, but also closely related to the verification and test mode periodically. Reasonable test and test methods and test cycle, will help improve the use of electronic belt scale accuracy. 
    In the latest national measurement verification procedures JJG195-2002 "continuous cumulative automatic weighing instrument (belt scale)", the provisions of the following three test and test methods: 1, materials testing; 2, simulation experiments (in the absence of belt conveyor case (With belt conveyor), the use of model load device (cyclic chain code, chain code, car code) to simulate the material through the use of the model, the use of standard equipment to simulate the effect of the unit length of the load; Belt scale effect. 
    PLJX series of cyclic chain code calibration is dedicated to the electronic belt scale dynamic simulation of the actual material of a test method, widely used in electric power, metallurgy, port, chemical, building materials, mining and other industries.

Technical Specifications
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